Peter Bonutti,MD,FACS

Dr. Bonutti is an orthopedic surgeon and innovator.  He founded the Bonutti Clinic in 1989 and continues an active surgical practice specializing in minimally invasive shoulder, hip and knee surgery pioneering numerous minimally invasive instruments, implants and techniques.  Dr. Bonutti has authored over 100 clinical research papers and over 500 patents / applications in areas including medical device technology, rehabilitation, and biologics. Bonutti Technologies was founded in 1990 focusing on early stage medical device innovation and design.  He started several medical companies including Joint Active Systems, Axiosonic, Osteoweld and has licensed technology to over 20 US and international Medical Device Companies.

Patrick Balsmann
Head of Regulatory and Clinical Development

Over 28 years medical device and biotechnology industrial experience. FDA clearances for first human tissue allograft suture anchor and novel ultrasonic tissue fixation devices.

Justin Beyers
Head of Research and Development

Justin received his BS in Computer Engineering from the University of Illinois At Chicago and has worked on teams to develop products ranging from OnStar to ultrasonic surgical systems.  He is the co-inventor on over 20 patent applications.

Tonya Bierman
Product Development Engineer

Tonya received her BS in Electrical Engineering from Southern Illinois University (Edwardsville, Illinois) in 2009 then joined the R&D team at Bonutti Technologies. Over the last 6 years, she has assisted the team with designing new and innovative medical electrical equipment, specifically ultrasonic energy applications. Her experience ranges from prototyping, pre-production of product, design, part specification, purchasing and medical electrical testing.

Matthew Cremens
Product Development Engineer

Matt has 20 years of experience in medical device product design and development with involvement ranging from idea conceptualization through clinical use.  Additionally, he is a co-inventor on over 20 patents and has co-authored five published papers.  Matt received his BS and MS degrees in mechanical engineering from The University of Illinois.

Glen Phillips
Product Development Engineer

Glen received his BS in Mechanical Engineering from Southern Illinois University at Carbondale.  Coming from the sheet metal industry, he became employed at Bonutti Technologies in 1998.  While employed at Bonutti Technologies, he has developed surgical devices and implants and is currently the Lead Design Engineer for Joint Active Systems, another Bonutti Company specializing in Range of Motion Devices.  In 2009 he obtained his Certificate of Orthotics from Northwestern University.  He is the co-inventor on 47 issued patents and 10 published patent applications.

Vivek Ramakrishnan
Head of Business Development

Licensing executive with background in medical device commercialization. Previously Director of Portfolio Monetization at Intellectual Ventures, a $6 billion PE fund based in Seattle. Has a doctoral degree in Biophysics, and has worked at National Institute of Health & Johns Hopkins University.

Lucas Wenthe
IP Counsel

Lucas is a patent attorney that has obtained and protected valuable IP for numerous Fortune 50 companies. Previously worked at Armstrong Teasdale, ranked as one of the top US law firms in Intellectual Property.